Why Basra is The Best Iraqi City To Invest In Real Estate?

Basra is the commercial capital of Iraq and the center of the oil industry, Basra port is Iraq’s access to the sea. But this is not all, there are many reasons that makes Basra an attractive city for investors

Growing Population

Basra is the 3rd most populated province in Iraq after the capital Baghdad and the Ninawa. The growing population of Basra is encouraging investors to invest in real estate to meet the increasing demand for housing.

Foreign Companies Preferred Destination in Iraq

Many foreign companies have established strong presence in Basra to capitalize on the opportunities the city can offer, many international Oil & Gas from different origins have chosen Basra host their operations in Iraq.

The Need For Better Infrastructure and Municipal Services

Due to many years of instability, the city is in need to revamp the infrastructure, this is a great opportunities for investors to make smart choices and invest in projects like Safat Basra.

Safat Basra Project Secures Approval For Real Estate Loans

Great News! Real Estate Bank in Iraq approved granting eligible candidates wishing to purchase a property in Safat Basra community an interest-free  real estate loan for up to 20 years. 

Safat Basra City project is considered the most modern community in the city of Basra, the community offers residents many outstanding features such as 24 hours security and services. 

For more information about getting please contact us or visit our sales center.  


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